Recording Tips

The Better the Recording, the Better the Transcription

The tips outlined below will help ensure your recording results in the best possible transcription.

  • Test Microphones: Be sure to test each microphone before the start of the event using a normal vocal tone.
  • Be Ready: All microphones should be on and ready to go. Participants sometimes forget to turn on their microphone before speaking.
  • Keep Microphones Close: The microphones should be as close to the speaker as possible.
  • Be Aware of Surroundings: Be mindful that recording near an air conditioner, fan, open window in a busy location and so forth could prove to be deleterious to the quality of the recording.
  • Roundtable Recordings: When recording a roundtable-type proceeding with many participants:
    • Identify Participants: Each individual should place their name and spelling of their name on the record to assist the transcriber with the voice recognition process. Also, an accompanying list of the participants attending is helpful to aid the transcriber in creating a high-quality transcript.
    • Special Microphones: Omni-direction microphones should be used in this setting, or separate lapel microphones, especially if the participant presenting stands near an easel during part of the presentation.
  • Provide Background Materials: A copy of any background material, such as PowerPoint presentations given by the participants, an agenda, slides of the subject matter and so forth, are also a very important tool in providing an accurate transcription.
  • Limit Distracting Noises: Paper shuffling, coughing, whispering while a presentation is being given and talking over one another all interfere with the recording negatively.

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